We deliver the technology & online marketing to bring your idea to market.

Whether you're a start-up or mature business, we minimize your risk and costs.

For the Start-ups

Accelerating Digital Start-ups to Product & Market Fit

MYNT VENTURES provides critical resource investments that helps early stage technology companies launch winning mobile apps or e-commerce sites and scale their businesses.  Accelerate growth with our proven processes of building
winning digital products.  Get it right from the start!


Up to $100,000 of Services

Business & Technology Strategy

Custom Design

Mobile App Development

E-commerce Website Development

Hosting & Technology Management

Ongoing Guidance

Access to our Personal Networks & Partnerships

For Established Businesses

We're the Trusted Technology Partner of Traditional Businesses [finally] going Digital.

MYNT VENTURES protects and enhances established companies by implementing the right technology at the right time. We understand that many conventional industries are just now starting to incorporate Internet, web and mobile technology. That's OK, but let too much time pass, and it may be too late.

We help to first identify where technology will have the biggest impact for your business. Whether business process automation, software implementation/integration, launching an app, selling through e-commerce or acquiring leads/sales from Google ... we'll break it all down and explain everything.

We speak in non-technical terms, and provide the top priority resources to embrace the digital age. Don't be caught unprepared when the competition comes with their technology.

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